The Crew

The Host: Chalese Stevens

Chalese faced a horrific tragedy in June of 2004 when she lost her four year old son in a water park drowning accident and has found a way to heal through writing and helping others. Her book, “Finding 40: A Mother’s Walk With Grief” will be available on Amazon soon.  Her healing journey has consisted of helping others along the way, not only grieving losses of their own, but also fighting for lives not yet taken through her non profit organization, Rainy Days Foundation. She celebrates others through her Coffee Talk Tuesday podcast where she interviews people making a difference in the community. Chalese is also blessed with two more beautiful children that she is constantly creating memories with and making sure she documents each moment. She is a light to so many with her big heart, infectious laugh, and passion for living her life today, for she knows that tomorrow is never a guarantee.

The Co-Host: Trip Mitchell

Trip has been in the broadcast in business for 30 years.  He started out as a national radio host and the American sports network, and then transition to TV working for local TV stations and networks. Trip is the owner of Kpdr tv as well as let’s do something productions.  He is the cohost of Talk 365 TV which is seen daily on The CW 30 as well as the honor of working with Chalese Stevens and a great show.

The Camera Guy: H. Le Spencer

Le began his career as an accountant in San Gabriel California in 1969 specializing in taxation. The best part of that profession was consulting with small business owners to help them pursue their business goals. He sold his bookkeeping and tax company in 1993 to pursue a second career in education. Now with the digital age touching every aspect of our lives, Le continues consulting with small business owners, yet with emphasis on the company’s digital footprint with the use of video content and social media marketing. 

The Production Studio: Let’s Do Something Productions

Coffee Talk Tuesday is produced by Let’s Do Something Productions studio. We are Salt Lake City’s newest full service and complete video production studio. Video podcasts are truly a great medium for getting your message out. In terms of helping a business find an audience, you’re creating new content every time you do a video podcast with us. The 30 minute video podcast generates content for your website, blog, and social media marketing that is targeted to your specific audience telling your message in your company voice. There is no better way of informing your target audience of
important information they need to fully understand your company’s brand and services.
We are a team of highly skilled and experienced digital craftsman who, just like you ,want to tell
our story and build our brand the same way we help you tell your story and build your brand. We
have been in the business world long enough to appreciate how difficult it is to create a team of
motivated, focused, and driven team members who work together to build something that rarely
sees the light of day.