Near-Death Experiences

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Whether you believe in spirits or angels, an afterlife or nothing at all the experiences other people have are theirs and should be acknowledged.

After losing my son in a tragic accident I feel as though he is with me, guiding me directly to the people that I need to meet, exactly when I need to meet them. These experiences are given to me consistently and meeting Jeff O’Driscoll was no exception. We connected on Facebook through a mutual friend in late 2018 and met in person for lunch January of 2019 so I could get some tips, tricks and any advice on getting my book published since he had recently been through the process himself, (which is what drew him to me in the first place.) 

I was fascinated with his story and wanted to hear more. From that lunch meeting on, we have been able to form a very dear friendship. Jeff retired from his 25 year career of being an emergency room physician in a level-one trauma center and now an author and public speaker.

Thank you Jeff, for being on our show and sharing your experience.

Trip: It takes a lot to do, ER, doesn’t it? 

Jeff: Some days are pretty demanding. Some days are not so bad, but it’s as they say more than a job, it’s an adventure. Some of my colleagues in the present day have really seen a lot of that. Some of them are overwhelmed and it’s a challenging time. I’m not seeing patients anymore, so I’m not seeing COVID-19 patients but emergency departments are unique places. 

Trip: Do you miss it?  

Jeff: I say that without reservation because I know the path I’m on is the right path. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t have reservations. I don’t have guilt. I just go forward.

Trip: Tell us about your path now and about your book.

Jeff: My book had its birth in a strange way, in a sense, because way back when I was 11 years old, my 15-year-old brother was killed in a farm accident. And I thought I got through it unscathed. I didn’t think it had any impact on me until 20 years later when he came to me and he said, “You have to go visit our mother because there are things she’s never told you about my death.” And that got my attention.

Jeff shares his conversation.

Jeff opens up with his experience of speaking with his mother. They spoke about how his brother’s death had more of an impact on him then he realized. 

Jeff: So I went and visited with my mother and that was the first day she told me that she always knew where I was in the house before my brother Stan died because she could hear me singing.  She said, and when Stan died, he stopped singing. That was the beginning of processing, of realizing that my brother’s death had a significant impact on me. A significant psychic impact. 

He began to gain clarity.

“It was then he started to understand why he had the encounters he did as a doctor operating on patients doing all he could to save their lives. He never spoke of how he welcomed souls arriving into this sphere of existence and bid farewell to others who were leaving. Sometimes he encountered those who hovered between staying and leaving, assisting others through their near-death experiences (NDEs).” (Direct quote from Jeff’s bio.)

Since Jeff’s book, “Not Yet”, has been released, he now travels to different speaking engagements telling his story and delivering a beautiful message. 

A message we all need.

Chalese: Wow. When you’re doing a speaking engagement with him, what is the takeaway? What do you want people to learn from that or to get from that?  

Jeff: I was getting ready to speak to a large group one time, and I was getting centered. I was trying to find the message that I was supposed to share. And I asked, “What is it I’m supposed to share?” The message came very clearly, “You are enough. You are divine, you are loved.” That’s what I was told to share.

His message is as powerful as his experiences. People who are suffering from trauma and tragedy will benefit from hearing it. It is not surprising how many past hurts, grievances, and pain come up when faced with something in your life. What an opportunity for Jeff to share such sacred stories knowing that someone, somewhere needs to hear this. I know I did when Jeff and I were at lunch for the very first time. In our interview which you can watch via YouTube, (the video above,) or by clicking on our podcast buttons. 

Thank you to Jeff as well as to all of our viewers.  To order a copy of “Not Yet” please click below.

If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us. We would love to hear how you, or someone you know is making a difference. 

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