Golf Pro To SLCC Instructor

Meet AC…

Ashley “AC” Cox is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Salt Lake Community College School of Business. He was raised in Pass Christian, Mississippi and was the first Black graduate of the PGA Golf Management Program at Mississippi State University.  He is a 20 year Class “A” Member of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. AC’s area of research interests includes Behavioral Economics, Consumerism, Conspicuous Consumption and Ethical Consumption. 

It is fascinating to get to know people’s stories. Did you know that you could get a degree in golf? I didn’t either until I met AC. As we talk about his career in golf and how he became a teacher at Salt Lake Community College, I reveal something I never told him before. Golf…I don’t like it. Not one bit and I will tell you why. 

When I was years old, I went to a golf course with my dad and family for a company party. I hated every minute of it being bored out of my mind and unable to wrap my mind around how this would be fun for anyone. I also knew that as soon as we were done with that game I would get to go repelling. That was the experience I was looking forward to. So I was dragged from hole to hole pretending to swing my club and making sure everyone knew I was miserable. I have never been on a golf course since. 

Maybe, now, after talking with AC, I will try getting on the gold course agian. Like he said, don’t dilly dally and just get through it and have fun. That sounds like my kind of game!

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