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Self-love…everyone is talking about it, how many of us are actually practicing it on a daily basis? How many of us even know where to start? I have had the privilege of having Stefhanie Iliff as my personal coach and going through her 90-day program and it was worth every penny. 

She is a mentor, a cheerleader, a guide and has also become a personal friend. And I was honored to have her on this week’s episode of Coffee Talk Tuesday. 

Stef is a single mother of two beautiful babes; Ella 5 and Harper 2 on a mission to help everyone find their radical self so they can live a fearless, limitless life as the Powerhouse they were created to be. After transforming her life,  going on her own self love journey & losing 80 pounds. Stef knew she was created to help everyone know you are, always have been and always will be ENOUGH. She traded in her VP title, 10 year, six figure income of a billion dollar finance company. Utilizing the skills she had learned mentoring hundreds over the years and created Powerhouse.  Stef is now the founder and CEO of Powerhouse, a Self Love Coach, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker and a NPC Bikini Competitor.

“Everything you want to be, you already are you just need to believe.” Stefhanie Iliff

On our show we asked about her programs: 

Stef: I do a group coaching program. I have a one-on-one program and I do two different versions of that. I have a 90-day program and a six-month program. My program is already been written that I created. It is called ‘Awaken Your Inner Powerhouse.’ Then I have another program that’s 90 days. That is me and my client. We are kind of tailor it specific to whatever their goals are and figuring out like, “Okay, here’s what your goals are. Here’s how we can accomplish them over the next 90 days. Now let’s go and make that happen.

Then my group coaching is a four-week program. It’s typically about 10 women in that group. We meet every Thursday night, we do a group call. And it’s really learning the base through about self-love and what self-love is for you. A part of that process and the reason it’s in a group is to help women learn how to show up for other women. I find that all women compare ourselves to every other woman and we’re judging other women.

We’re trying to live up to this perfect mom, this perfect wife, this perfect whatever woman’s supposed to look like. Because we’re always judging ourselves. We’re judging other women and we’re showing up insecure with that. We’re not able to show up fully and like love women and celebrate women and help them shine and be their best.

So a part of the reason it’s in a group is to help women learn how to see each other. What I mean by that is how to respect each other and honor each other. Not judge each other and not compare what season you’re in, but fully celebrate one another and love each other and learn how to become friends. I don’t feel like that’s something that we’re really taught.

Stef does not allow judgement or gossip in her programs. That is not what creates a powerhouse. She is unwavering in this concept because Powerhouse is a place for women to fill their cup, grow their mind & find self-love. She has created it to help women find their inner power, self-worth & self-discipline. It assists them in letting go of shame, judgment & comparison. Her purpose is to help women rise together to create a community full of Powerhouse babes living life by their design, and Stef left everything she worked for in her career to do it. 

Chalese: Have you ever regretted it?

Stef: No, never once. I’ve definitely had moments where I’m like, what am I doing? What’s happening? Like, how had I talked myself into this? Is this really the best idea? I’ve struggled, I’ve learned more hustle than I ever thought I had. I’ve grown more internally than I ever thought I could, but I would never ever go back and I will — It’s been the best part of my life. It’s literally amazing. So, yes.

Trip: Wow, what a story. 

She found her inner powerhouse.

Stefhanie is a Powerhouse herself overcoming her fears and self-doubt to find the courage to find her self-love. The difference she makes in other’s lives is exactly why we appreciate her for coming on our show to speak with us today.

I wish we had time to say more about setting up behaviors that will set us up for success. I have first hand experience on how great Stef is as a coach. As a result of my consistency with my self-love proactices with my daily routine, I am more grounded. That leads to the ability to be more present with my family, friends, and community.

Steph is an incredible self-love coach and has held me accountable to stick to my goals and create behaviors that are now ingrained so I can also continue to inspire others around me.

For more information or to speak to her about her programs, we invite you to Check out Stef’s journey through Instagram, Facebook or her podcast. 

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