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I am incredibly passionate about supporting local nonprofit organizations, and so is today’s guest Emma Farr. There are so many organizations and help that goes into making a community great. It is people like Emma that continue to go above and beyond to make a difference. When asking her to tell us about herself, she said:

“When I was a kid, I used to lay on my back and use my head instead of my arms to crawl. It wasn’t the traditional way to do this, and it did leave a bald spot on the back of my head, but it got me from point A to point B. My mom says that I’ve always interacted with the world a little bit differently, and she would tell you that’s where my passion for creativity stems from. Add the fact that I share a birthday with Smoky Bear and a passion for understanding the human experience, and I guess me in a nutshell is a type of Bob Ross reincarnate.

“This archetype opened up some doors for me at work when I started as a server at Utah Food Services and then moved into a Decor role, and finally became a Marketing Manager for them. I didn’t have a formal education yet, but they liked me and knew my work ethic.”

And everything changed.

Sadly enough Emma no longer works for Utah Food services. She explains, “It broke my heart to see Utah Food Services, an organization who makes it standard practice to always give back to the community fold due to a combination of malpractice by Salt Lake County and the COVID outbreak. The people that I met there and the opportunities I wouldn’t have had anywhere else will always be one of the biggest drivers.”

One of the experiences she had with Utah Food Services was the opportunity to be a part of the “green team.” Here she helped them become a “greener” company. Now Utah Recycling Alliance invites her to be a board member. She enthusiastically accepted and that is now where she resides. 

Emma is a creative soul with experience in photography, graphic design, painting, drawing, floral and decor design, and marketing. She uses her talents to make a difference everywhere she goes. Emma also works for Twistlab Marketing helping small businesses build and develop their brand. This is very important to her. Now that Utah is starting to reopen is looking forward to helping these businesses not only get back on their feet but thrive once again.

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