Coffee Talk meets Painting with a Twist

I have known Adrienne Hartvigsen for over a decade and we have such a fun story. We met in a unique way and became great friends. I also had the opportunity to work for her at Painting with a Twist in Murray.

Meet my friend Adrienne:

Adrienne has owned Painting with a Twist for over five years.  She is grateful to always be  surrounded by art, fun and creativity, and to be the source of fun art for others.  Adrienne loves her family, who is so supportive of all her crazy ideas, art of all kinds, and acting. 

Painting with a Twist is making a difference

Painting with a Twist is a company in Murray that is a sip and paint studio. They invite people of all ages to come and have fun while learning to paint. With the idea of fun art, not fine art, Painting with a Twist is a great place to practice new skills while keeping yourself entertained. From date nights to private parties, is a super fun night out. They even do offsite events.

What happened during COVID restrictions?

Adrienne and her crew have been able to quickly adapt and create take-home paint kits. They are currently offering online classes. This allows people in our community to have something fun to look forward to. Giving them an opportunity to forget that they are stuck at home and get to drink all the wine they want!

Adrienne is an amazing boss and Painting with a Twist is a blast! By far one of the best jobs I ever had. Go sign up for a class HERE…you will be glad you did!

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